HÖVER® Hygiene Coating

HOEVER Cleaning Services L.L.C. offers a unique solution for various kinds of floors and walls in the middle east.

Old floor coverings like linoleum, PVC, ceramic tile, wood or concrete that are scratched, dirty and hard to clean can be transformed into a shiny new one. This is particularly important for hospitals and clinics, where hygiene levels cannot be undermined. Hotels and homes also portray their images through floors and wallst.

The floor will be cleaned of old dirt, wax residues, waste oil or dried fluids and other contaminants and then coated durably. Thus, HOEVER CMS will transform your floor from an old, unsightly one, to a new, polished flooring with proper hygiene, adding to its value and your image

HÖVER® Hygiene Coating benefits:

   »      Strong adhesion and high abrasion resistance

   »      Permanent coating

   »      Easy to clean by more minimal dirt retention

   »      High chemical and solvent resistance

   »      UV stabilizers prevent fading of the coating

   »      Available in many RAL / NCS colours

   »      Three different levels of gloss - matt, satin and high gloss


HÖVER® Hygiene Coating for:

   »      Commercial

   »      Offices

   »      Retail

   »      Hotels

   »      Hospitals

   »      Residential

   »      Shops and Showrooms

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