Mattress Cleaning

HOEVER Cleaning Services L.L.C. also looks after your mattresses. Mattress hygiene is one of the most crucial, yet undermined, hygienically challenged sources in our homes. HOEVER CMS not only extends its unique specialty not only to individual residences, but also to hotels, hospitals and clinics.

People who suffer from skin conditions and allergies such as: eczema, asthma or itchy skin will benefit the most from HOEVER CMS mattress cleaning service. The powerful injection of spray with detergent kills the bacteria embedded within the mattress, eliminates dust mites and relieves it from dirt. The suction system extracts the dirt, fungus and deodorizes (optional) the fabrics, leaving behind a sterile and clean mattress. This way, not only are you investing in your mattress, but also in your health!

HOEVER CMS mattress cleaning includes:

  »     pre-treating
stain removal system
deodorizing (optional)


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